Carol Ann Russell Creutz

20 October 1944 -- 10 July 2013

1973 Christmas: Robin, Kay, Peggy, Lela, Carol
1951 Christmas: Kay, Robin, Carol
1949 Christmas with the Kish parents
Diane, Chela, Carol
At Ann Jo and Dave's wedding.
Carol and Lela.
Lela and Carol.
Backpacking in the Santa Lucia mountains. Only one small muddy spring for water.
Our monterey pine in Palo Alto. Now replaced by a post office.
Smith River in Northern California.
Big bottle.
After a rain while camping in Nova Scotia, all of Lela's clothes were soaked.
Lela, Carol, Robin.
Chemistry demonstration.
Christmas cookies.
And more Christmas cookies.
Wolf parka. All the creutzes had one.
At the top of Vernal Falls. Scared me. I guess she was just getting even.
On our honeymoon driving up the coast of California.
I didn't always have a beard.
Near our apartment in Del Mar. Summer of 1966.
Back patio in Solana Beach.
Younger Mike and Carol.
Lela and Carol in our East Patchogue house.
Camping with Lela.
Mother and daughter.
Carol and Lela.
Messy eater.
Pregnant with Lela.
Pregnant in East Patchogue.
Baby bath.
East Patchogue.
Carol and Kay; Robin will be here soon
Robin, Carol, and Kay in 1950.
Robin and Carol in April, 1953.
Making this boat was a disaster. Picture from Carl.
Camping at Cedar Point in October, 2000.
Cedar Point in October, 2000.
Alpine flowers in Rocky Mountain National Park.
Come to grandma. August 2011.
August 2011.
August 2011.
Hominy while camping.
Club Med Yucatan, 2012.
Cooling feet in Los Penasquitos Creek.
Lunch in Cebere, in France on the Spanish border.
Ed, Bettie, Carol. I'm not sure which baby.
Carol with periodic table.
Who else is going to do it?
Pregnant with Lela.
Lela and Carol.
Carol and Lela.
Carol and Diane. Picture taken by Melinda.
Carol collecting boletes.
35 years at the lab.
Brookhaven Bulletin article.
Bob and the girls.
Ann Jo, Carl, Carol.
On a fly-drive in Colorado, August 2000.
At a chemistry meeting in Snowmass.
December 2001.
At Sidney and Sophie's batmitzvah.
At Sidney and Sophie's batmitzvah.
1979 Xmas.
1966 New Year.
1955 Xmas.
1954 Xmas.
1951 Xmas. Carol and Robin.
December 28, 2012.
Snow in NY, December 12, 2012.
Adele and Carol in Hallockville at an antique car show. September 30, 2012.
Old tree in Cranberry Bog County Park. May 28, 2012.
Atlantic Hotel in Berlin, Maryland.
May 5, 2012. We had the campground almost to ourselves.
Paella. April 3, 2012.
Club Med, January 2012.
Club Med, January 2012.
Club Med, January 2012.
Three sisters at Club Med.
Black linguini.
Warmth from Robin's knitting. December 2011.
Lela and Carol. October 2011.
In the Vatican gardens.
In the Vatican gardens.
Hotel next to the Vatican.
Flea market in Bologna.
Sardagna, Italy. After a big lunch, Carol didn't want to walk the 100 meters back to the cable car so we walked down. Several hours later we got back down to Trento. Big mistake, but we made it.
On the way down.
Aperol spritz.
Halloween decorations at Lela, Tom, Lily, and Seiji's. 2011.
Robin and Carol.
At the Game Farm with Diane.
With Melinda and Diane, August 2011.
Carol and Peggy.
Beer garden in Mainz Kastel.
At the middle ages festival, Mainz Kastel, 4 November 2011.
Schloss Biebrich.
In Schlosspark Wiesbaden.
St. Goar, in the Rhein valley.
Zimmer Frei.
Cappucino in Mainz.
Cooking in our apartment in Mainz.
Regge and Vera in Mainz.
In Dublin.
More cooking in Mainz.
Eating well.
Picadillo tacos.
Carol and Lily.
Rockefeller Center, Christmas 2010.
NYC, December 2010.
Club Med, November 2010.
Club Med, November 2010.
Club Med, November 2010.
Club Med, November 2010.
Lela, Lily, Carol, Seiji. The crowded beach at Club Med Yucatan.
Paris. Catherine was the name of Carol's mother.
Lunch at a cider restaurant in Paris.
Rue Mouffetard.
Seafood market on Rue Mouffetard, Paris.
Restaurant research in St. Jean de Luz. Reading menus was a favorite pastime.
Walking the bridge between Spain and France.
Isabel Campos and Carol.
Paleolithic cave near Puente Viesgo, Spain.
Vera, Robin, Mike, Reggie, Carol. At Robin's house in Eugene.
Three sisters in the Oregon woods.
Carol with Max.
Rote Kopf.
Cable car.
The cable car above Rudesheim.
Lavender by the Mainz Hautbahnhof.
President's house in Berlin.
With Hans Christian Anderson in Odense, Denmark.
Our cabin on the train from Munich to Odense.
Graz, Austria.
Giessen, Germany.
Liebeg's lab in Giessen. With Ziggie.
Wiesbaden, Germany.
Man of steel.
Iced coffee.
Cologne. Biertshaus Schwejk.
Carnival in Mainz.
January 2010 in Mainz.
The little engine that couldn't. The ICE train broke down. Had to wait for the next train.
Dancing with Rudi.
Dancing with Rudi.
Times Square.
Brioche in Lyon.
The Camargue; flamingoes in the background.
Oysters in Cebere.
Our compartment on the night train from Metz.
Mike, Bettie, Annjo, Dave, Carl, Adele, Carol. Baraboo, August 2009.
Wisconsin, August 2009.
Blues Brothers.
Giving Ann Jo a tour of NYC.
2009 Revlon walk.
Ice cream in Raleigh.
Flowers in Carlsbad, CA.
2009 Club Med Yucatan trip.
Club Med.
Club Med wears you out.
Carol at Club Med.
Seiji at Club Med.
Nap time.
Old tree in Cranberry Bog County Park. January 2009.
December 2008.
December 2008.
Ahh, the gluhwein is great!
Christmas market in Vienna, 2008.
Bratislava, Slovakia.
Dancing on the Viking cruise.
Lounge on the Viking cruise down the Danube.
Flecked with snow in Vienna.
Cruising on the Danube.
Cesky Krumlov.
Cesky Krumlov.
Pina Parisi's weaving shop in Erice, Italy. The weaving above the loom in now on the wall in our kitchen.
View from Erice.
With Claude Manoli in Erice.
Excursion from Trapani.
Salt production in Trapani, Sicily.
Ettore Majorana Centre for Scientific Culture, Erice, Italy.
Fancy dinner.
Reception in Erice.
Robin and Carol soaking their feet in Las Penasquitos Creek.
August 2008 in Rancho.
After a storm.
Carol, Lily, Seiji.
June 2008 on the Blue Ridge, Virginia.
Luray Caverns, Virginia.
Blue Ridge, 2008.
The walking dunes in Napeague, NY.
The 2008 Revlon walk.
Revlon walk.
Revlon walk.
Renaissance fair, Raleigh.
Renaissance fair, Raleigh.
With Seiji.
Dave, Carol, Sarah, Courtney, Ann Jo. December 2007.
Aruba with iguana.
Our mountain cabin near Ashville, NC.
Near Ashville.
Lily and Carol.
Ocean City, Maryland.
Lily, Carol, Seiji, Lily.
May 2007. Where=?
Spring on LI.
2007 Revlon walk.
Carol and Lily.
Carol, Bettie, Ed in Anza Borrego Park. 2007.
Carol and Lily.
Lily and Carol.
Lion, Carol, Lily, Lela.
Sweater by Robin.
High tide at Diane's.
Near Owl Pond.
Lily and Carol, June 2006.
Carol, Lily, Andy.
Lela, Carol, Lily.
Lily, Lela, Carol.
2006 Revlon walk.
2006 Revlon walk.
2006 Revlon walk.
Diane, Chela, Melinda, Carol, Mike.
Carol, April 2006.
Club Med, February 2006.
Club Med, February 2006.
Christmas 2005.
Christmas 2005.
2005 Xmas.
2005 Xmas.
Carol and Lily on Lela's birthday, 2005.
October, 2005.
October, 2005.
The estuary between Alewife Pond and Northwest Harbor. One of Carol's favorite places.
The estuary.
September 2005.
Lily and Carol. September 2005.
Carol and Lily. September 2005.
Carol and Lily, 19 September 2005.
MacSorley's Old Ale House.
Carol and Lela, pre Lily. May 2005.
Mike, Robin, Henry, Carol. Club Med, May 2005.
Utah, April 2005.
Bryce Canyon.
Bryce Canyon.
Lela High School, Lela Texas.
Bar in Arkansas.
Christmas duck, 2004.
Christmas eve, 2004.
After Lela's marathon.
Tom and Carol.
Venice, Italy.
On the ferry.
Our cabin on the ferry from Cagliari to Rome.
Waiting for the ferry in Cagliari.
Banquet in Sardinia.
How many people have taken a similar picture?
July 2004.
Three sisters. July 2004.
Club Med Paridise Island. 2004, just before it closed.
Tropical shower.
Club Med.
Club Med.
Club Med.
Blowout at Cedar Point.
The Cove.
Window washing.
San Elijo Lagoon.
Torrey Pines Park.
Christmas 2003.
Scrabble with Lumi.
Carol's special spot.
Wedding dinner.
Lela and Tom's wedding.
Setting up.
Carol, Chris, Margaret, Tom.
Run in the park.
February 2003.
Picking out Lela's wedding dress.
Torrey Pines.
Torrey Pines.
Putting the skates on.
On the ice.
A walk in the woods. December 2012.
Christmas 2002.
Lobster, Christmas eve 2002.
Andy, Carol, and Lumi, Christmas eve 2012.
Carol and Robin in Cranberry Bog County Park.
Beignet in New Orleans.
The streetcar named desire, New Orleans.
Indian dinner.
Fifty eight.
Market in Barcelona.
TGV crossing France.
Banquet at Confinement meeting.
In Gargnano.
Good swimming in Gargnano.
Waiting in the San Remo train station.
The famous lizard.
Park Guell, Barcelona.
Lounge at JFK.
Hi Sweetie.
Bettie, Ed, Carol, Mike.
Carol and Ann Jo.
Carol, Ann Jo, Sarah, Courtney.