This page is about a set of cellular automata simulators I have written for the xwindow system. The xtoys gallery shows lots of pictures produced by these programs (beware if you have a slow link). To peek at the xising user interface, look here.

An old presentation on these files is in my contribution to the Lattice'95 proceedings.

The files in the xtoys directory include:

The Makefile is kind of trivial, but it is here for those that like such things. To compile after unpacking, first type "make". This should almost always work. If this does not, try typing "xmkmf" and then "make". If this still does not work, look into the original makefile and put in the necessary paths by hand.

These all look best on a color display.

I want these to compile under generic X; so if you have problems on some machine supporting X, I would appreciate knowing so I can fix things.

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Mike Creutz