Hurricane Irene in East Moriches

Drying out the next day.
Gary has some dock work to do.
Flare gun that somehow wound up on the bench by the water. Gun seems to work but shells are swollen and have barnacles on them.
Casualty of the storm. Presumably from someone's flooded fish pond.
Large log deposited by the DEC access site.
The marina at Windswept.
Floated away from the Windswept parking lot.
A flower in the pesto.
The tide begins to fall.
Silly Lily near the peak of the surge.
At high water.
Waves coming down Adelaide Ave. Dead end sign in the distance.
The dip on Montauk Ave. Tree on garage in background.
High water. Top slats of bench just visible.
Bird hiding from the storm in the sailboat.
The bird seemed rather exhausted.
Diane's lawn swing.
Pesto anyone?
There were many unhappy earthworms.
Sailboat at high water over the lawn.
High water on the lawn. Garage in background.
Reason to avoid trees when the storm is active.
Lela's swing, Whaler in background.
Waves out in the cove, but southeast wind leaves our creek fairly calm.
Early morning after getting the boats over the bulkhead.
Water is rising. Our house in background.
Boats happily floating over the yard.