% Mike's header for slides in TeX
\input epsf
\input colordvi  

% start with a nice big font
%\font\ss=cmss10 scaled 1100
\font\ss = rphvr at 10pt
%\font\smallfont=cmss10 scaled 700
\font\smallfont = rphvr at 7pt
\font\tinyfont = rphvr at 5pt
\font\bigfont = rphvr at 14pt

% \nopagenumbers

% for landscape mode
\special{! /landplus90 true store}
%\special{! /landplus true store}
\hsize=9 true in
\vsize=6.5 true in

% for a bulleted item
\def \li {\par\hskip .2in \Maroon{$\bullet$}\hskip .1 in \textBlue}
\def \lli {\par\hskip .4in \Green{$\bullet$}\hskip .1 in \textBrown}

\def \hi {\medskip \textBlack}
\def \topic #1{\par\textRed\centerline {#1}}

% \fitframe draws a box around its contents (from Arvind)
% #1=line thickness, #2=inner space, #3=contents
\def\fitframe #1#2#3{\vbox{\hrule height#1pt
 \hbox{\vrule width#1pt\kern #2pt
 \vbox{\kern #2pt\hbox{#3}\kern #2pt}
 \kern #2pt\vrule width#1pt}
 \hrule height0pt depth#1pt}}

% to comment out parts of a TeX file
\long \def \blockcomment #1\endcomment{}

% from Frank 
\def\slashchar#1{\setbox0=\hbox{$#1$}           % set a box for #1
   \dimen0=\wd0                                 % and get its size
   \setbox1=\hbox{/} \dimen1=\wd1               % get size of /
   \ifdim\dimen0>\dimen1                        % #1 is bigger
      \rlap{\hbox to \dimen0{\hfil/\hfil}}      % so center / in box
      #1                                        % and print #1
   \else                                        % / is bigger
      \rlap{\hbox to \dimen1{\hfil$#1$\hfil}}   % so center #1
      /                                         % and print /
   \fi}                                         %

\def \nextslide{\medskip\eject}

% set footer and background color here
$\overline{\hbox{A footer\qquad\qquad}}$ \hfill
\hfill \folio\ss\textBlack}
\special{background rgb .8 1 .8} 

\topic{Using these slide macros}
\hi this is a test header item
\li a test bullet
\hi more stuff
\li another bullet
\lli a sub bullet
this line is commented out
as is this one