TransAtlantic Crossing

San Juan to Rome, 23 April -- 9 May 2017

San Juan before departure
Open sea
Karen labeled our stateroom door
Two days out
Our suite
The view in all directions for five days
Mid Atlantic sunset
Approaching land in La Palma
Lofty aspirations
On the volcano rim
San Antonio volcano rim on La Palma
Approaching Tenerife
Beach in Tenerife
Down into the Valley of Azuaje ravine on Gran Canaria
Abandoned spa
Lunch after the descent
The Bay of Gibraltar
View of the Mediterranean coast
Fennel along the way
On the Mediterranean Steps
Our path
Our ship
Barbary Apes
Leaving the Rock
Tapsy monkeying around
Stateroom bed
Banyan tree
Duck Leg first course, lunch at Canalla in Alicante
Tourist menu
Restaurant logo
Esplanada Espana in Alicante
The Spanish Steps with cigarette butt
Swiss Guards at the Vatican
Trevi Fountain
Trevi Fountain
Second anniversary cruise